3-WAY IPA 2022: It’s Summer Time

Ravenna Brewing Company, Alvarado Street Brewing & Fort George

This weekend, summer begins. 

Hearken back to days of yore – youthful summer afternoons spent sunbathing on rocky river shores. Or perhaps sheltering from the inevitable Northwest rain underneath a picnic canopy at the State Park, sadly clutching your towel and scraping the mud off your sandals. But content. Content and warmed because you were sipping a crisp, delicious West Coast IPA from a 16 oz can. That’s right – in olden times, 3-Way IPA was a West Coast IPA. And this year, nostalgia for those simpler times has won.

West Coast is the Best Coast.

2022 3-Way IPA is an explosion of juicy fruit flavors. With all the bright clarity of a West Coast IPA and a rich, smooth texture from the highest quality artisan malts, it retains a perfect, creamy white head through all the sips. It’s the summer beer of your beer-drinking past, with the complexity and full tropical-fruit flavor of your beer-drinking present.

Sounding the depths of the beer science ocean from our inflatable flamingo. 

On their never-ending quest for the finest ingredients, our intrepid brewers journeyed through the land of beer innovation and invention. Three teams of fearless explorers on a new and uncharted continent of beer where terpene-enhancing beta-glucosidase and specialty blends of the worlds’ finest herbaceous perennial roam through the dry hop, extracting maximal delicious fruit flavors in a yeast-hop cataclysm the likes of which has not been seen in a Fort George tank. A special Fort George Strata Goo, a custom extraction of hand-selected Indie & Crosby Farms Strata Hops by Oast House Oils in Colorado, was added in the whirlpool. Linc Cashup Wheat from legendary craft maltsters, and Undermodified Admiral Malt combine their powerful proteins to create the perfect fluffy white head and rich, smooth mouth feel.

After countless days spent roaming through the land of beer science, umbrellas turned upside-down to catch the Pilsner Malt raining from the heavens, our exhausted teams returned to the brew deck to exercise the force of their beer knowledge and create the perfect West Coast IPA.

Release Parties & Events all across the Great PNW.

You can sip yourself into the blissfully sunny past this weekend in Astoria, Portland & Seattle. Or join us over the following week at the finest bars, taprooms, restaurants and bottle shops across the Pacific Northwest (and also down south in the home territory of co-creators, Alvarado Street).

5/21 – Official 3-Way Release at Lupulin Ecstasy Festival
Astoria, Oregon

5/22 – 3-Way Public Release at the Fort George Pub
Astoria, Oregon

5/22 – Release Party at Ravenna Brewing
Seattle, Washington

5/23 – 3-Way Release at John’s Marketplace (2 locations)
Portland, Oregon

5/25 – 3-Way Release at Brewmaster’s Taproom
Seattle, Washington

5/26 – 3-Way Release at Oly Taproom
Olympia, Washington

5/26 – 3-Way Release at Bier Stein
Eugene, Oregon

5/27 – 3-Way Release at Beerworks
Medford, Oregon

6/11 – Release Party at Alvarado Street Brewing
Monterey, California

3-Way IPA Three Other Ways.

You can also ship 3-Way direct to your door in Oregon or Washington. You won’t have to lift a finger. Except for the finger you lift to click the “checkout” button. Orders ship 5/24.

Get 3-Way in Oregon.

Get 3-Way in Washington.

Or search for 3-Way in your neighborhood starting 6/1 with the Beer Finder.

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