Festival of Dark Arts 2022 UPDATE

FodA, Stout Month & LUPULIN ECSTASY 2022


When we do a thing, we do a thing all the way. Which is why we’ve been wrestling for months with the question of whether or not to hold a full-blown, not-by-halves Festival of Dark Arts. We can see enough of the future to know that we can’t see the future. And in the end, we know we couldn’t do it justice this year. 

But when we do a thing, we do a thing all the way and Stout Month is all systems go. As long as there’s a February, there will be a Stout Month. This year a bigger, better, darker, louder, slower, cooler, Stout Month. 


FoDA 2020 from the Up Deck

We’re celebrating stouts every week in February, with live music and events, guest breweries, and guest stouts on tap in addition to our usual impressive array of dark magic experiments. 


Dark darkness with no shortness of magic

This year we’re making a concerted effort to spread out the crowds. Events and guest stouts every week instead of all in one day means fewer lines and less spilled stout.


Live music in The Ruins, FoDA 2020

Since we’re spreading out the stouts, we can have MORE STOUTS from fellow stout brewers across this fair land. We’ll also have PUB EXCLUSIVE MATRYOSHKA 2022 variants, more guest taps, more rare and exclusive kegs and more Fort George Stouts only on the Fort George Brewery Block. 


Courtyard feelings

When we say louder, we mean… spiritually louder. We’ll have live music every week, but we’ll also have guest brewers and guest stout taps with events, demonstrations and talks throughout February.


Producing heat, FoDA 2020

When we say every week, we mean every week from February 1st through February 28th. That’s a lot of time to ponder the darker side of beer. Take it slow, come and stay in town for the whole week (the whole month!). Tell your boss this is about your emotional well-being, or tell them it’s about stout. Same thing. 


More Matryoshka + more weekends = more friends

The forecast for February in Astoria is cold, wet, rainy, overcast, windy, wet, cold, and rainy. If you like this weather, then Cooler Stout Month is for you. We’ve all had two years to grow accustomed to having a pint outdoors so we’re not afraid to put the trapeze artist and the tarot readings in the courtyard.  


Protect the IPA, Lupulin Fest 2020

We’re currently channeling all of our single-day-event energy into planning the most spectacular, waterfront-spanning, ground-breaking, record-setting, bitter, floral, earthy, aromatic, Lupulin Ecstasy Festival for 2022. Join us at the Fort George Waterfront & Beer Pier on May 21st, 2022.

  • IPAs from all past 3-Way IPA collaborators and some of our own legendary contributions to the IPA-verse
  • Fort George brewers & guest brewers from our vast and prestigious 3-Way Network
  • FIRST TASTE of 3-Way 2022
  • Live music and entertainment in view of the Megler Bridge
  • Beer, merch, beer, novelties, BEER, merriment, BEER, food, BEEEEEER, presents (and whatever else our little hearts dream up between now and then, plus beer)

Tickets go on sale for this fabled IPA fest in the next few months and they will sell out, so keep an eye on your email inbox, or just stop by the Pub. You’ll find us at the bar – looking up carnival prop rental companies that will deliver to the coast – and drinking an IPA. 

See you soon, 

Fort George. 

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