Pizza Pals: A New Winter Seasonal IPA

Pizza Pals is a new winter seasonal IPA brewed in collaboration with Ruse’s Crust Collective on the Vancouver Waterfront. Come with us, celebrate the world’s most logical food and beverage pairing all winter long, November to February. Grab a pint of Pizza Pals with your pizza pals at Fort George and all over the Pacific Northwest – Oregon, Washington, Idaho & Northern California.

We made the perfect beer for pizza: packed with Nelson and Simcoe hops alongside the fanciest malts we could muster for a balanced, snappy American IPA.



In the beginning there was only beer. The people of earth loved beer. But they knew in their hearts that beer could be better. They had tried everything – Beer and burritos (not bad but mixed reviews), Beer and Key Lime Pie (kind of weird), Beer and plain boiled carrots(no) – but it was never quite right. Then, in the darkest season, when all hope seemed lost, as cold winter winds swept across the land chilling noses and hearts alike… there was Pizza.

Beer and Pizza. The people of earth rejoiced. Pizza made beer better. Beer made pizza better. Beer and Pizza were made for each other like two pieces of a very, very simple puzzle.

All this was long ago, but ever since, wherever there is a brewery searching for a food item, there is pizza. Wherever there is a six pack chilling in the fridge, there is also pizza. Wherever there’s a friend, hesitant to spend a whole day moving your couch up three flights of stairs in exchange for a can of beer, there is probably pizza, too. Whenever someone sits down at the end of a long day, fingers poised over the pull tab of a 16oz can of beer and wonders, “what is for dinner?” There… there is pizza.

Beer and Pizza. 

This is why, when a little brewery called Fort George expanded into the dilapidated second floor of an old Auto Showroom on the edge of civilization, there… was pizza.

And years later, riding the pilsner malted waves of their Portland taproom’s success, a little brewery called Ruse Brewing was finally ready to open a new location. And there was pizza.

Beer’s Best Friend. 

Ruse’s Crust Collective on the Waterfront in Vancouver, WA, which opened earlier this year, is a chapel built to honor the gods of pizza. Though much has changed on the Fort George block, you’ll still find the Pizza Upstairs. We’ve been making wood fired pizza in Astoria for almost a decade and our happiness upon learning that our friends were serving pizza and beer could only be measured in more beer. Which is why we teamed up with Ruse and their brand new Crust Collective to brew Pizza Pals.

Pizza Pals is dedicated to friendship, and to Beer’s Best Friend: Pizza.

Available all winter long in 4-packs of 16oz cans and on draft wherever there is also pizza. 

*Pizza Pals can art by Portland-based Public Joy Creator, MIKE BENNETT.



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