February is Stout Month

All Stouts. All month long. In the darkest month, on the darkest coast – it is Stout Month. In February, Fort George Brewery celebrates the wonder and complexity of the noble stout with 29 days dedicated exclusively to the darkest beer. Taste twenty unique, one-time stout releases throughout the month. Delight in stout diversions, stout-focused…
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Fort George Lovell Merch Store

In July 2023, Fort George unveils a new space on the Fort George Block in Downtown Astoria dedicated to Merch and Beer To Go: LOVELL AUTO CO STORE – the newly renovated space adjacent to the Lovell Taproom also houses a row of 200 blue steel combination lockers, each with a silver plaque bearing the…
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Showroom Restoration

By Tim Kennedy/General Contractor I remember my unforgettable first impression of walking through the Lovell Building. The feeling of awe that I experienced on that first visit was in reaction to the vast interior spaces and the integrity of the structure.  But that first impression was especially shaped by the massive scale of the supporting…
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2/2 Forecasting Eruptions at a Submarine Volcano Offshore of Oregon.

  Be ready to dive into the ocean in an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) as we journey to the Axial Seamount off the mouth of the Columbia River. Volcanoes can be fascinating landforms to observe and research but what about underwater volcanoes? How are they monitored and explored? The next Columbia River Maritime Museum’s event…
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Science on Tap at the Fort George Taproom!

November 30th, some of the raddest local tattoo artists will be hanging out in the Fort George Lovell Building to explain the science of their trade.  This is part of a series curated by the Columbia River Maritime Museum that will continue throughout the year.  Let’s kick it off right-


Beer Journalist Trades Pen for Paint Brush in Art Show   John Foyston with one of our first cans off the canning line. When the Fort George Brewery has been in the Oregonian, the writer has been John Foyston.  Best known for being one of the top beer journalists in the Northwest—John has been writing…
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Exploring Fort George 7/28

Come check out some amazing Fort George and Astoria history from some of the most knowledgeable historians on the area.  Thursday, July 28 at 7:00 in the Lovell Building Brewery.  The event is FREE and the Taproom will be open for whistle-wetting.  Beer + History = ? The public is invited to the Fort George…
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