1,001 Years of Silence


When you look into the silence, what do you taste? The infinite expanse of spiced possibilities? Warm peppered earthiness of Pasilla and Ancho Chiles? Enveloping layers of molasses, brown sugar and cocoa nibs? Behold an awe-inspiring union of stout and savor that will leave you speechless… For 1,001 years.


Brewer's Notes

1,000 Years of Silence, our Imperial Mexican Chocolate Stout is aged in Bourbon barrels for one year resulting in 1,001 Years of Silence.

Hops: Cascade

Malts: 2-Row Barley, Golden Promise, Munich 20L, C-75, Roasted Barley, Choc. Malt, Black Prinz, Black Barley

Yeast: ESB


This beer is available year round.